Can you imagine not being able to read a letter a loved one had sent or be able to write one?

Of your husband being whisked off to War to fight and you are left to raise the babies, milk the cows, chop the wood, fix the roof, plant the potatoes, grow the food, mend the fences and somehow feed your family?

Never knowing when you would see your son, husband or father again?

If you would see them again?

Can you imagine being a young women, never having left your home town and you are shipped off to mend and nurse the worst kind of wounds you didn’t even think were possible?

I cannot.

As a daughter, wife and mother in this moment, the pure bravery, strength and guts of those service men and women are incomprehensible.

I get lost the in moments of this modern life. And I think we’ve lost the art of just living in the here and now like they did and truly appreciate all we have.

We will remember them.


Birthday fun

my first baby turns 8 this week. What a blessing to have been his mum for this time! He is such a sweet, yet strong boy. I went for a walk tonight and said a prayer for him. Keep him healthy, keep him strong and keep him just as he is.  

I look forward to the week ahead filled with fun and good stuff.

Family, friends, food, balloons and love! What more could any of us need!?!

Enjoy your week x  


un plugged

So lately I am really loving lots of things……

double shot lattes, raw caramel slice, morning yoga, weekend walks, slow cooker food, zucchini pasta strips, chorizo and speck in my soup, table clothes on my table, making flat breads, mulching my garden and sprucing it up a bit, enjoying the last of winter, wearing no make up, making cheese, deactivating my Facebook and Instagram accounts, reading books to my kids and collecting the abundance of eggs my gorgeous chooks provide me with.

I feel giddy with Life. Am really enjoying this slow sunny Sunday. Play in the park, walks down the street and hot chips for lunch. I often get asked about whether I am sad that my boys are really growing up as they are well and truly out of the ‘baby’ stage. And no I am not. How can I be? My boys are my boys and I get all of the joy in the world whatever their age. Yes, I loved them being babies, crawlers, toddlers, kinder kids and school boys. They are so much FUN!

I can’t really label mothering, other than it is a constant change and love. I have found it to be everything – easy, hard, heart breaking, joyful, trying, fast, slow and my life. And learning, it has taught me the most and I recon my learning has really only just began.

Well it must be time for another time cup of tea or double shot latte perhaps?

Enjoy your Sunday x

Thoughts and giving thanks

how did I get here?

I’ve been asking this a lot lately. I remember when I was a little girl, and I would dream of being a mum. A wife, wearing an apron, baking, cleaning and having paddocks out my back window. It’s here in front of me. Every dream is here.

I cannot comprehend it all some days. I get overwhelmed with the life that it is. So I try my best to stop, breathe and think of the little things. It’s lots of little things that bought me to where I am in this moment, and I can only be right now.

Our farming life is making us dig deep as of late. But we don’t mind a battle, this life is on our blood and a struggle won’t make us back down.

I’m not much you know, and I’m very ok with that. I do not deserve anything more than anyone else. What I have is already far more than what I ever could have imagined.

If I’m anything, it’s a survivor. I had rather important bowel operation at 5 months old, ran over by a car at 15 months old, nearly burst appendix at 13, and undiagnosed eptopic pregnancy ( very long story ha!) when I was 27.

But today I am here, with my mind wandering to the strong stock of women and men I come from. And I give great thanks for them and the life lessons they taught me.


Today. Aren’t we so fortunate to have today? Well I feel so very abundantly fortunate, lucky, blessed…any word you wish to use.

So far I’ve had my morning of getting the kids ready for school. I stayed in bed this morning and skipped my usual morning walk. First time in ages, and it felt good to rest my body. However I am keen as for tomorrow 6.15am!

The back element of stove top cracked it this morning, and then in good fashion I did too! Thank goodness I have a level-headed husband who googled the type of oven and after resetting it….it’s right to go again!

Dropped the big boys at school, who took each their teachers a chocolate cupcake today. No particular reason! I love watching my kids give something, and know the joy that they’ve given the person who is doing the receiving.

As soon as me and my littlest got home today we went for a walk. Got some hay for the goats, picked some grass for the rabbit and guinea pig and just strolled. Sam decided he needed to take his little shovel walking today, yeh that slowed us down a bit haha, but I was happy to take our time and enjoy the fresh but sunny air.

Then home to a banana milkshake for him and a coffee for me. Made some chicken and veggie risotto for lunch, hang out some clothes, folded some too and now just enjoying a quick cup of tea.

All these moments are nothing to someone else, are my complete everything.

Hope your Wednesday is full of goodness.

venting is essential

Today just call me Mrs Poddy Mouth.

By gee whizzzzzz have I filled up the swear jar ( if we had one! ). And I am not one bit ashamed. In fact, I think we all need to express how often we need TO and DO vent.

For those of you who don’t know me, I am a stay at home mum of 3. I also do the book work for our family farm from home, here in our office. I am also known to wrestle a few miss behaving sheep or cows and pick some spuds, bag some onions, cook brownies for friends and help at the kid’s school.

At times people have thought that I’ve got it all together. Think I have my motherhood down pat. Think that I don’t lose my mind trying to mother our 3 boys. Yes 3 healthy, strong, stubborn, active, loud, BOYS! God I love em…And no, I haven’t ever wished for a girl….cos let me tell ya THAT is a whole blog post on its own!

Can you tell I’m fired up today? HA!

I just wanna break down some shit. NO ONE and I repeat NO ONE has motherhood all together. When I was a first time mum and I would look around, only seeing other mums flourishing and then I would go home with my screaming child, not perfect house and feel like an absolute fat failure. But I did a dam good job of ‘pretending’ to hold it together. I would see people down the street and they would praise me on being such a relaxed new mum ( when I just wanted to punch someone), praise my freshly baked cake on the bench, praise me for cooking tea and doing all the dishes every night, praise me for breast-feeding ( even though I really struggled and highly disliked it ) praise me for using old-fashioned cloth nappies ( when all I wanted to do was use the odd disposable, but just couldn’t let down my strong “look”). And for a little minute it made feel good. But then I would feel like a failure again….round and round she goes.

Now my kids are 7.5, 6 and 3 years. And I could not give a flying fruit loop what anyone thinks. And boy do I vent….not to swear ( well maybe a little bit ) but just to show other new mums that its ok! It’s ok to swear like a sailor, feel like a failure ( even though you aren’t ), scream, cry, yell at husband/partner ( another personal favourite haha) eat chocolate, and drink enough freaking tea to burst your bladder! You just gotta get it out some days.

Vent in the manner that works for you. Highly recommended!!

Please feel free to vent away…

Who is your go to vent person?

take care peeps x

life and stuff and things

Lots of stuff is going on. And I love stuff!!

My super clever husband had the thought of popping an old trailer down the end of our ‘Jennings Road’ to sell some potatoes and onions. A little endeavour. We had no idea how it would be received, but it has really blown us away! The bottom of our road is the prime place to sell our beloved spuds and onions we have sourced from a farmer around the road. We are super grateful for the people buying!

School is going along swiftly. The kids had the district school sports the other week, both did well and had fun. My middle boy, Charley can be a bit competitive and did not like the running race ( well rather that he wasn’t winning!) – hence me holding his hand and helping to the finish line. He’s still so little. So much to learn and take in all at once, but we got there!

Both big boys have started Auskick. This is Billy’s second year at it and he was so keen! I love love love, watching my boys run, kick, get dirty, and just have fun outside. They come running back to me with their little cheeks all red, It’s the best. Samuel has a little pal there, and gee they get into some serious mischief and muddy puddles together while his brothers boys play footy! Its something that we go to as a family, and I really like that.

I got my kinder enrolment forms back for Samuel to start 3-year-old kinder next year. My third kiddy through kinder. How on earth did that happen? He will love it. And no, I’m not sad!! My babies growing up is nothing to be sad about, it’s just change. And that’s ok. As much as I have adored mine being little, I also love the new stages that come along all the time. Only I am their mama. And I love that that’s the one thing that will never ever change.

The days have swept me along and here I am two days on, trying to get my words out! Something I don’t ever normally have any trouble with. But I struggle with what to write here sometimes. It’s a funny place, this blogging business.

But right now, I’m drinking peppermint tea, watching Poldark on iview, praying for a sick friend and thinking I might just run a nice hot bath and give thanks for another glorious day as a wife and mum.

Take Care my friends x

sweet nothings

So its cold…I mean really cold here tonight. The wind is howling and the rain is slapping up against the window. I’m drinking a nice hot tea after having just done a quick bit of yoga, sitting crossed legged on the floor amongst all the kids crap – I mean beautiful drawings – watching recorded episodes of Silent Witness. Husband is out at a meeting, and the 3 darlings are sleeping sweetly.

At the moment I am most excited about a few things –

School holidays!! Yes I am a mum who loves having her kiddies at home. All 3 of my sweet boys with me. We don’t do anything really special, but it’s just bliss. Pj’s on till late, baking lots of cookies, drinking milkshakes. Good Stuff….stuff that makes my heart sing!

Audio books. Am I the last person to get into these? Most likely…but I highly recommend you get onto it folks! It is great, I’m totally hooked! I pop in my earphones and head off on my morning or evening walk. It is brilliant!! At the moment I am listening to The Burial Rites, by Hannah Kent. I am transported into a different time and place. Stop what you are doing and sort out your audio book situation!

And that brings me to walking. It’s a simple daily thing. But I love it. Especially on a fresh morning, walking up and down the Thorpdale hills, with the cool air burning the back of my throat. I used to review exercise differently, I would pretty much guilt myself into exercising so that I felt better about myself. Now I just move. I don’t worry care how far or how long I go for. I don’t care how fast I go….I just walk, dream, imagine, think, and move. It is truly a gift that some people are unable to do…everyday I count my blessings, take a few steps and get fresh air. Oh and listen to my audiobook!!

Well It’s gotta be time for another cuppa!

Are you into audiobooks too?

Enjoy the weekend and school holidays x

What’s going on in my world

Well can I just say that I am sorry. So sorry for not chatting and being absent, but here I am with plenty to say.

Firstly…I am now a mum of 2 school boys. And you know, I was nervous and anxious, but it’s really ok. You don’t lose them when they go to school, things are just different. And since change is the meaning of this life thing….so really, it’s all good. Both my boys have settled into school so beautifully. I am overjoyed there have been no tears. Just sweet hugs and promises to have a great day! Bless them big boys of mine.

Which brings me to having just my little Samuel at home. Even though he is a chatter box, it’s so quiet! Sammy happily trots along behind me doing the gardening, hanging out the washing, feeding the animals, helping at school, he is right there. And its the most wonderful thing. I was not ready to have no kiddies at home just yet…I can’t explain how glad I am we did go back for the third bubba.

Now in other news, did I tell you I am now a member of a book club? No, I didn’t think I had mentioned it….well it’s grand! I feel educated. I feel like an adult!

Myself and 11 other women go out and eat gorgeous adult food ( not a nugget in sight! ) discus, talk, and share about the book we had just read. A new book has already been chosen by one of the women and we eagerly await our copy to be handed out…we then ponder of what might be behind the front cover, what world the words will take us to. It is a true thing of beauty I tell you!!

And not only so we chat about the book, but life. We speak openly, truthfully, and respectfully. And we laugh, the laughter of women together is something else! We women are of all ages, jobs and interests…can you tell I throughly enjoy it? Last time was only my 2nd book club gathering and it dawned on me on the way home how lovely it was just to be around some women. No fear or judgement. I feel sometimes us ladies can be just downright nasty to each other. I totally get that we won’t always agree and get along, but gosh we can be quick to tear a fellow girl down…

Life is tough enough you know? Let’s be kind. Everyone is fighting a battle we know nothing about. Don’t worry, I’m taking my own advice!

And don’t get me wrong…it’s brilliant being a stay at home mum, I love having my boys around me but a night off every couple of months is just super!

There’s not much more…but that’ll do for now.

Take care my friends x

A crafting day

Ahhhhh school holiday bliss. The kids are sleeping in, still getting over the excitement and late nights of Christmas and New Years. Pj’s stay on till mid morning ( ok sometimes ALL day…not me, the kids! )
No school lunches to make. Just the day ahead with the freedom and joy of being with my 3 boys all day long.

They love a good craft session. They really enjoy planning what they are going to do and what they need. We went outside and got some sticks, leaves, gum nuts and whatever else we could find. I also cut up some scrap material, stickers, icy poles sticks…crafting stuff a plenty!



I fired up the hot glue gun and had a crack too. Such FUN!! It’s nice to just be with the kids. Not nagging them and not harping to get stuff done. Just be.
It is hard for be to stop and sit. But you know, this year they will be 3, 6 an 8?!? I must stop and sit…I must!

Little hands with big imaginations.




What are your plans these school holidays?